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In facilitating intellectual property law matters, Jere most enjoys helping clients realize their dreams.

Jere assists attorneys and clients at all stages of patent matters. She especially values helping to bring a patent from the application stage to the time it is granted. Legal teams appreciate working with Jere because she understands that clients need responses quickly.

She assists with preparing and filing U.S. patent applications and related documents, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and other formal documents. She also helps with the maintenance and procedural requirements for patents, domestically and internationally. Attorneys and clients rely on her to facilitate patent and trademark assignments and name/address change records in the U.S. and foreign countries, including research.

  • Routinely prepared and filed U.S. patent applications and related formal documents with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Regularly prepared and filed responses to office actions and handled other details of patent prosecution, as well as pre-application and post-application follow-through for payment of issue fees, maintenance fees and all other procedural requirements to maintain patent in force.
  • Prepared and filed Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications and monitored applications through national stage filing deadline.
  • Prepared foreign filing instruction letters, verified foreign filing requirements and oversaw timely filings of formal documents.
  • Reviewed and analyzed correspondence from foreign associates, communicated with attorneys and clients throughout prosecution and during maintenance of foreign grant.
  • Maintained computerized database and related dockets for more than 4,000 domestic and international patent and trademark files.
  • Maintained individual client portfolios.
Outside the Office

Jere loves relaxing with her husband.

Jere and her husband make the most of Wisconsin’s short summers riding around the countryside on their Harley. They also like to work in the yard and watch movies.