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Jere is a paralegal who focuses her work in the area of intellectual property, particularly patents and trademarks.

Jere’s responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and filing U.S. patent applications and related formal documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 
  • Preparing and assisting with filing responses to office actions and handling other details of patent prosecution. Jere also assists with pre-application and post-application follow-through for payment of issue fees, maintenance fees and all other procedural requirements to maintain a patent in force.
  • Preparing and filing PCT applications and monitoring applications through national stage filing deadline.
  • Preparing foreign filing instruction letters, verifying foreign filing requirements and overseeing timely filings of formal documents.
  • Reviewing and analyzing correspondence from foreign associates, and communicating with attorneys and clients throughout prosecution and during maintenance of foreign grant.
  • Assisting attorneys with patent and trademark assignments and name/address change recordas in U.S. and foreign countries, including research.
  • Maintaining a computerized database and related dockets for more than 4,000 domestic and international patent and trademark files.
  • Maintaining individual client portfolios.



  • Associate's Degree, Waukesha County Technical College