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Dean R. Boeschen

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Angela S. Quinn

Team Lead
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Why Husch Blackwell

Leading our clients toward better.

From our industry-first approach to a focus on innovation, Husch Blackwell is dedicated to leading clients forward. In everything we do, we strive to take clients from where they are to where they want to be. Even in the most complex situations, we measure success based on the progress made toward achieving client goals.

We understand that anything can be improved. That’s why discovering innovative solutions that serve clients better is the cornerstone of our approach. We constantly evolve our methods as technology and innovation push forward, so we can provide clients with industry-leading strategies and tools to accomplish their objectives.

Our firm is at the forefront of innovative technology and ideas to help clients move their businesses forward. Examples include:

Artificial Intelligence

Husch Blackwell uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide clients faster and more accurate due diligence, Using AI, thousands of contracts can be efficiently and accurately reviewed in less than 24 hours.

Client service

Client service professionals personally oversee the work produced to ensure quality and to keep projects within scope and budget. A point of contact is always available and ready to help.

Legal project management

Our dedicated Legal Project Management team works to ensure that clients always know the status of their projects. We promote efficiency, transparency and certainty through careful scoping, planning, monitoring and reviewing.

Retail Institute

This unique, market-facing initiative brings together retail industry leaders in business, public policy, education and professional associations for an open exchange of ideas and experiences.


Our attorneys frequently work at client locations during periods of high demand. This enables us to better counsel clients when they need it most.

Value-Based Pricing

Our pricing team works closely with clients to evaluate the range of work and gain a full understanding of clients’ needs and options. From there, we construct the most beneficial pricing agreement possible within the scope of each project.

The online Clery Compliance Toolset streamlines the reporting process, saving time and money.
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A leader in innovation collaborations.
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Sharing ideas, innovations and experiences.
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Testimonials John Jasinski, President, Northwest Missouri State University

“We love Husch Blackwell because they’re not at all about status quo. They help us to understand who we are, where we’re at and where we need to go.”

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Testimonials Dan Rexroth, President & Chief Executive Officer, John Knox Village Care Center

“So many times the word ‘partnership’ is thrown out there very loosely, but what it really is many times is just a vendor relationship. With Husch Blackwell the last two years, we’ve really been able to form what I consider to be a true partnership.”

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Testimonials Reachel Beichley, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, MRIGlobal

“MRIGlobal, a research and development company, has intellectual property that we produce and generate. Husch Blackwell has been extremely helpful in guiding our scientists and engineers.”

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Husch Blackwell's seasoned team leads clients forward.