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WI Chapter: Construction and Design Law, Association of Licensed Architects

Speaking Engagement
March 20, 2018

Part I. Basics of Contracting.  This one hour program will review the essential terms in design services agreements.  We will use the AC-2016, the standard ALA Architect/Consultant Agreement, to help you appreciate the importance of a clearly written contract; identify the most important clauses to include in a contract; realize the best practices for documenting critical items during a project; and understand the most effective way to handle collections.

We will review the best practices in these areas: 
1. Do the Write Thing: Memorializing Your Terms Properly
2. Mind the Scope: Documenting Project Changes and Costs; and
3. Lien on Me: Securing Payment Under Wisconsin Lien Law.
4. Review of the ALA 2016 Contracts

Part II. Ethical Issues for Licensed Architects.  The second hour will address the current state of professional liability law in Wisconsin.  We will review the professional standards of care under Wisconsin common law.  The program will also cover the code of ethics for architects established by the Wisconsin Examining Board.  We will also discuss strategies for avoiding professional liability claims.
We will review the primary concerns in these areas:
1.  Common law standards of conduct
2.  Standards of conduct under the Wisconsin Examining Board rules
3.  The risk of personal liability
4.  The elements of a design malpractice claim

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