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Transport Topics: USPS Funding Crisis Threatens the Trucking Industry


Husch Blackwell Postal Service Contracting Partner David P. Hendel was quoted in a Transport Topics article entitled "Mail Haulers Monitor USPS Funding Crisis, Government Response to Payment Deadline" (pg. 3). The article discusses the impact proposed U.S. Postal Service budget cuts would have on postal contractors, especially those in the trucking industry. Hendel said the USPS spent $3.2 billion on ground transportation last year and currently has 8,000 transportation contractors. Hendel went on to say that if USPS reduces its number of processing centers, it "may hurt many truckers because some might be left without a processing center to haul to or from." The postmaster general has also suggested eliminating Saturday mail deliveries and laying off 120,000, or 20 percent of USPS personnel. The USPS and its partners that rely on it for business continue to watch what happens in Washington closely as Congress grapples for a way to stop the monetary bleeding.