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The Washington Times: Postal Officials Gave Varying Accounts of Ex-Executive's Perks, Documents Show


Partner David Hendel was quoted in The Washington Times August 26, 2010, article discussing how the investigation of U.S. Postal Service top marketing officer Robert Bernstock revealed the inner workings of the agency.

Bernstock left the Postal Service before the Inspector General had completed its investigation into allegations that he improperly steered sole source contracts to former business associates and conducted personal business while on the job. According to The Times article, the Inspector General found that Bernstock "awarded no-bid contracts to former business associates, failed to report information on a financial disclosure form, and used Postal Service staff and resources for private business activities."

Hendel, who practices in postal contracting law, said, "Bernstock was a new player at USPS, but he wasn't treated as a rookie. He was treated as the young phenom, the experienced coach, and the savvy general manager all in one. He was untouchable until the inspector general, acting like the commissioner, stepped in." Regarding the initial recruiting of Bernstock by USPS, Hendel said, "They knew from the get go that he was not going to give up these outside interests and they thought that they could work with that."