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Pro Bono Case Alleging Nonpayment of Sales Tax Is Dismissed

Pro Bono


An auto dealer was charged with failure to pay sales tax on vehicles bought at out-of-state auctions. The case was referred to Husch Blackwell through the Missouri Coalition for the Right to Counsel, a pro bono program designed to ease the workload of the state public defender’s office.


After a brief investigation of the facts and applicable law, we were able to convince the prosecutor that no crime had been committed and that the charges should be dismissed – a rare outcome in state court. The final note from the prosecutor stated, “I just spoke with two agents at the Department of Revenue, and they agree with your analysis in regard to exemption #7. Case dismissed.

Husch Blackwell Team: Ross DeLong, Sierra J. Faler and Sara A. Fevurly (Steve E. Holtshouser, advisor)