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National Law Journal: Survival Mode is Turning Into Recovery Mode


Co-Chairman Joe Conran was quoted in an August 9, 2010, National Law Journal article that sums up the current legal landscape in St. Louis.

After spending 2009 in survival mode, Conran said that St. Louis law firms are now in recovery mode. "I think what you're seeing is a recovery - slow but sure," Conran said. "I think, to be realistic, a lot of companies are still experiencing very difficult times. I think that the clients are still, for the most part, being extremely cautious with their legal spending and very frugal in the way they approach spending on legal matters. I do get the feeling that this year is somewhat better."

Conran mentioned an increased demand in government contracts work, which led to the hiring of 10 new lawyers who specialize in that area; he also shared that Husch Blackwell's litigation practice continues to be strong.

"Our firm is doing fine," Conran said. "But it's all relative to trying to manage in a more difficult time."