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Federal News Radio: Husch Blackwell’s David Hendel on U.S. Postal Service Efforts to Profit From Its Patents

In The News

Husch Blackwell Postal Service Contracting Partner David Hendel was interviewed on Federal News Radio’s “In Depth” show about his latest blog post, “U.S. Postal Service hunting for patent infringers.” In 2010, the USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) estimated that six of the Postal Service’s patents could generate more than $1 billion in commercial revenue. Following up on that premise, OIG is now looking for an outside contractor to help it identify the agency’s five most valuable patents for generating licensing revenue and recovering royalties. Hendel warns that the USPS must be careful not to become “penny wise and pound foolish,” because it is often in the Postal Service’s best interest to make its technology freely available to the industry if it would result in reduced mail processing costs. For example, Hendel noted, “The Postal Service developed a piece of intellectual property that we use every day and has been made available free of charge to everyone since the 1960s, and it’s called the ZIP code.”

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