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CNBC: Husch Blackwell Energy Strategist and WIRES Counsel Jim Hoecker Analyzes U.S. Grid Strength in Wake of India’s Power Outage

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In CNBC’s broadcast, “U.S. Blackout Coming Soon?” reporters evaluated the grid conditions in India that led to the country’s worst blackout in more than 10 years. Husch Blackwell Senior Counsel and Energy Strategist Jim Hoecker was asked if the United States risked similar fate. Hoecker, who is also counsel for the energy industry group WIRES, said the U.S. is in an infrastructure crisis and electric transmission plays a part in that, yet it’s highly unlikely North America would ever experience an outage of such magnitude. Hoecker warned, however, that there is still a lot of work to be done to strengthen the U.S. electric system and eliminate the congestion that is driving up electricity prices for consumers. “We are not immune from challenges: cyber security challenges, lack of infrastructure and inability to access new sources of generation,” Hoecker said. “We have our work cut out for us, as a matter of fact, about 300 billion dollars’ worth of work in the next 20 years.”