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In Brief: A Digest of Postal Service Contracting Projects


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Postal Service Contracting
Client Success
  • Advised various contractors on responding to Postal Service solicitations for multiyear, multimillion-dollar procurements of services and products.
  • Prepared and recovered on claim for costs incurred in termination for convenience and suspension of work under a shared energy savings contract.
  • Prepared and filed claim for postal contractor seeking adjustment to annual fuel allocation under various transportation contracts.
  • Represented postal contractor in responding to alleged Service Contract Act and Department of Transportation violations.
  • Obtained preliminary injunction in U.S. District Court that led to restoration of postal contractor's security clearance and award of attorneys’ fees for governmental bad faith.
  • Defeated False Claims Act case against USPS construction contractor; obtained full recovery on all of the contractor's claims and payment from USPS for interference with the contractor's performance.
  • Prepared federal court protest challenging Postal Service transportation contract. Agency terminated challenged contract and awarded temporary service contract to client.
  • Defended contractor in federal court protest concerning online auction irregularities.
  • Filed protest with the U.S. Postal Service Supplier Dispute Resolution Official challenging the evaluation of proposals and award of a multimillion-dollar services contract.
  • Took action to prevent agency from proceeding with its notice of intention to withhold contract payment under ongoing contract to provide transportation services.
  • Defended transportation contractor in criminal investigation alleging improper use of fuel and demonstrated to U.S. Attorney that its fuel usage complied with terms of contract, resulting in U.S. Attorney ending the investigation and closing the case.
  • Investigated and prepared claim for multiple changes and changed conditions encountered under a logistics services contract that resulted in agency making a multimillion-dollar payment to contractor in negotiated settlement.
  • Represented contractor whose products were rejected based on Postal Service’s faulty interpretation of ambiguous contract specifications.
  • Represented contractor before the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals (PSBCA) in action that led to conversion of default termination into termination for convenience and a favorable monetary settlement.
  • Advised a software company in dispute with USPS over license agreement coverage.
  • Represented transportation contractor in litigation before the PSBCA in dispute over fuel usage.
  • Brought protest in federal court that resulted in termination of disputed contract award and award to protester.
  • Prepared materials for novation of 70 contracts to a new entity.
  • Organized and coordinated team that prepared and drafted contract claims in excess of $700 million under integrated facilities, services and transportation contract.
  • Provided advice and counsel to contractor preparing proposal in response to solicitation for several hundred million dollar equipment purchase.
  • Defended multiple contractors in False Claims Act investigations by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and legal actions brought by U.S. attorneys.