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COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator for Employers

Implementing lawful workplace policies related to COVID-19 vaccines.

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available in the United States, employers should consider the adoption of plans and policies that appropriately address the risk levels of COVID-19 transmission among their workforces. A plan provides a structure that allows employers to implement vaccine policies, which can lower potential risk and liability related to COVID-19 transmission at work. Vaccine policies not only assist with avoiding potential legal and business issues, but can assist with unifying employees around this controversial issue.

Husch Blackwell’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator for Employers is an affordable tool that helps companies of all sizes quickly prepare and implement workplace policies related to COVID-19 vaccines that are compliant with federal, state and local law. The tool provides employers with options of mandating, incentivizing, or encouraging vaccinations, and includes accommodation provisions for various objections, if necessary. The tool also considers any state-specific requirements or exemptions.

Based on your answers to a short questionnaire, our system will generate a customized COVID-19 vaccine policy that will correspond with your organization's desired approach. Built in are Husch Blackwell’s knowledge of health, safety and employment issues, as well as extensive experience helping clients navigate the COVID-19 crisis.


Contact attorneys Brittany Falkowski or Jenna Brofsky with questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Generator for Employers or other labor and employment concerns.

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