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St. Louis - Cortex

A hub for innovation.

The Cortex district in St. Louis is a vibrant home to entrepreneurs and incubators. Co-locating in the Cortex district enables Husch Blackwell to provide emerging technology, agribusiness, life science and other businesses with ready access to cost-effective legal services as they grow their ideas.

Attorneys from several of Husch Blackwell’s industry teams rotate through our office in the @4240 Building. We advise Cortex tenants on intellectual property protection, financing, labor and employment, contract negotiation and other matters critical to business success.

Our Cortex attorneys are actively involved in the innovation community at large. Their dedicated involvement ensures they are tuned in and well-equipped to understand the startup culture and the issues these companies face.

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Testimonials Eric Laurent, Executive Director, Roo

"We chose Husch Blackwell for its willingness to navigate the waters of the sharing economy as well as its friendliness and support for entrepreneurship. Husch’s size provides us with a large variety of services that caters to the needs of our company across the board. We have access to excellent law advice in many different areas that we know we need both now and in the future. Finally, Husch's reputation speaks for itself and grants us access to a network of highly experienced and helpful individuals in St. Louis."

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Testimonials Dr. Daniel Sindelar, CEO, Keystone Bio

"Husch Blackwell (HB) comes with a great reputation, but most importantly Myers Dill was willing to discuss OUR needs. Myers promised me HB would be available for Keystone Bio as we needed and when we needed. That was extremely important for us. One of the biggest roadblocks to a startup of any kind is the need for exceptional legal structure, while at the same time not becoming cash-poor in the pursuit. Myers and HB were great to work with as Keystone Bio worked through that phase."

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Testimonials Janna Westbrook, Founder & CEO, Provider Pool

"Ashley Edwards has been super supportive and great at explaining the legal implications of our business in a way we can digest. She’s responsive, timely and thorough."

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