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This web page is intended to serve as a resource for the University community who may need to read or link to certain official university policies. The categories below are intended to assist you in locating the correct policy. Be aware that certain policies are cross-listed under multiple categories.

Although this Policy Library is intended to serve as a centralized location for most official policies applicable across the university community, it does not contain all University policies. For additional policies and helpful information applicable to specific departments of study, you should consult that department’s web pages as appropriate.

Departments that wish to include any of these policies on their own website should link to the version on this site so as to avoid multiple (and potentially inconsistent) versions of the policy being presented throughout the university's website. If you are aware of a policy that has been omitted from this list, notice misprints or edits to a policy included in this list, or if you have any additional questions/comments, please contact Lynnette Siegel at lynnette.siegel huschblackwell.com.




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