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Career Journey

A conversation with Jennifer Hinds.

You recently joined the firm. Tell us about that process.

I was quite familiar with Husch Blackwell, having worked at a competitive law firm. I was looking to expand my L&E work, not just in litigation, but also in advice and counseling. I saw an ad for an opening here in LA. I was attracted to the remote opportunity and the potential to expand the employment group in California. I was also attracted to the firm because of having a strategic business unit structure, and that’s not something I had encountered before.

We started The Link with the expressed purpose of working remotely. What has been your experience so far being part of The Link?

I’ve had a great experience. Had this happened pre-pandemic, I’m not sure how I would have felt about it. Prior to the pandemic, I was of the mindset that if you weren’t in the office where people see you, you weren’t “working.” So I would make a point to be the first one in and the last one out. When the pandemic hit and offices shut down, obviously that model wasn’t able to continue. I feel much more relaxed and comfortable now. I think with working remotely, I sometimes feel like I work longer and harder because I don’t have to worry about the commute. I like it because it takes a lot of pressure off an already stressful job.

Are you getting acclimated to HB?

Yes, we do have some regular check-in calls, and I’m a member of the FAB SBU and the L&E PSC. I like the video calls because it makes people more connected and more engaged.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I am really proud that I had an opportunity to cross-examine a witness in federal court in my second year. I got thrown in the fire. My partner told me to prepare for it as if I was going to do the cross-examination, but I thought it was just going to be another exercise. When it came time, he said, ‘OK, go ahead and cross-examine.’ I didn’t even have time to get nervous or have sweaty palms. It came out really good, and I’ll never forget that!

Do you have an opportunity to do any mentoring?

I am active at my undergrad school, which is Santa Clara University, where I mentor students who have expressed a pre-law interest. I’m also involved with the career services department of my law school in which I assist in career planning.

What is your advice to young people coming into law school?

I encourage younger students to take more practical classes early on so they get prepared when they start with a law firm.

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