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Career Journey

A conversation with Jake Brown.

What makes Husch Blackwell special for you? 

I have a passion for start-up businesses and innovation, and my colleague and I won an internal competition for innovation. That led to me being invited to the firm’s Innovation Advisory Team, and I’m actually getting to help shape where the firm is going in the years to come, which is an exciting thing for me. My natural bent is to question the status quo, so being able to spend time on innovation is a great fit for me.  
Describe the coaching and mentoring you’ve received at Husch Blackwell. 

Our Chief Executive, Paul Eberle, visited our office shortly after I started, and he told us to feel free to reach out to him with any questions. So I took him up on that, and started a conversation with him that eventually led to a series of Skype calls, where we discussed the business side of the law firm, finances, retention, recruiting and a lot more. Just being able to pick his brain about what make the firm tick, it was an amazing education. I am so appreciative that Paul helped me see the bigger picture at such an early stage in my career. 

What advice would you offer to new hires? 

I would advise people to discover whatever they are passionate about, then find ways to incorporate that into their legal practice. The start-up community is very near and dear to my heart, so I made a proactive effort to get involved, and that led to spending time and building relationships at the Edney Innovation Center here in Chattanooga, which is a start-up hub. It’s a natural collision point for people in that eco-system. I’ve been fortunate in that it has allowed me to bring in multiple clients to the firm, where I’m serving as the client relationship manger. This is occurring at a relatively early stage in my career.

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