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New I.P. resource is a ‘one-stop shop’

It was former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill who first coined the phrase, “All politics is local.” Now, Husch Blackwell has a new blog demonstrating, “All patent rules are local, too.” is an online resource covering current legal issues that surround local patent rules and trends on a national scale. “There’s never been a clearinghouse — a one-stop shop for discussion — that’s specific to this niche area,” said Joseph Cwik, the blog’s editor. “More and more, the local patent rules are driving results in litigation, such as which patent claims and defenses can be presented at trial.”

Cwik is a Partner in Husch Blackwell’s Intellectual Property group and works in the firm’s Chicago office. As a trial lawyer with significant civil litigation experience, he has represented numerous clients in disputes involving patents related to dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, sound virtualization, internet banking and trading, and call center computer systems.

According to Cwik, the blog will cover cases from all across the U.S. “It’s so important to stay on top of new developments, wherever they happen. The Eastern District of Texas, for example, often interprets their local patent rules in a manner friendly to the patent owner whereas the Northern District of California is known for just the opposite, being accused-infringer friendly.” In addition to those areas, recent posts include analysis about rulings from district courts in Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The blog also contains direct links to each of the U.S. judicial courts’ local patent rules web page. is geared toward all parties involved in patent litigation, including inside and outside counsel. Cwik concludes, “The changing local patent rules can have dispositive implications to your case. Correctly interpreting and following the rules is essential.”

Husch Blackwell has 80 Intellectual Property attorneys who focus on all aspects of intellectual property and technology law, with considerable experience in patent preparation and prosecution, licensing, protection and enforcement of IP rights. They have prosecuted thousands of patents supporting a wide range of technologies and industries. The group’s legal and technical knowledge guides Husch Blackwell clients in transactions involving intellectual property acquisition, development, maintenance, protection, enforcement and commercialization.

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