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CIO and The Federalist Society: Husch Blackwell Senior Advisor Sought for Antitrust Expertise

In The News

Former Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and current Husch Blackwell Senior Advisor James Miller III recently was quoted in CIO magazine about the U.S. government filing antitrust cases against companies in the technology sector. In an article by Grant Gross titled, “Antitrust Experts: US Gov’T Should Avoid Enforcement in Tech Industry,” he explains that antitrust enforcement is similar to regulation and can have “great influence” on the progress of an industry.

“A lawsuit, especially from government, with deep pockets can divert a firm’s resources and constrain its efforts to innovate and introduce new products,” Miller said. “The mere threat of a lawsuit can have similar results.” An advisor to Google on antitrust issues, he added that additional antitrust enforcement in the tech industry could “very well make one of America’s leading industries one of the world’s laggards.”

Watch Miller participate in a panel discussion about this topic, titled “Antitrust Enforcement as
Regulation?” — sponsored by The Federalist Society at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.